Kamienica 56 – foundation

Social engagement of the foundation for the elderly and the autistic children

The promotional advert is made with the intention of showcasing the wide range of services and events arranged by the Foundation 56, including support the elderly, activities for children in the autism spectre, and holistic events like spiritual dancing, gong concerts, etc.

Idea and treatment: Patricia Ryczko
Producer: Storygeist Film and Kamienica 56
Director: Patricia Ryczko​
Treatment/Story: Patricia Ryczko
DP: Patricia Ryczko
Assistant: Piotr Borczynski
Actors/participants:  Lukasz, Agnieszka Synkowska, Slawa, Iwona Pietrzak
Postproduction (Montage, VFX, Grading): Storygeist
Music: Kutiman – Homecoming

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