Vlas Coteck

 Music Video “O Nocy” / “By Night”


Music Video for the  Rock group “Vlas Coteck”, celebrating their main track from their new album.

Teledysk dla grupy rockowej Vlas Coteck, swiętująca ich główny kawałek z nowej plyty.

Client/Brief: Vlas Coteck – Piotr Ryczko
Producer: Storygeist
Director: Piotr Ryczko​
Treatment/Story: Piotr Ryczko
DP: Piotr Borczynski i Piotr Ryczko
Actors: Vlas Coteck Group

Ballet Dancer: Stella Valasik

FPV Drone Operator: Lukasz Lawenda

Production design: Storygeist
Postproduction: Storygeist
Coloring: Storygeist

VFX: Storygeist, Piotr Ryczko
Music: Vlas Coteck

Many deep thanks to the group and the crew for their amazing help and support.

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