The 1st teaser for the movie Panacea

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The 1st teaser for the upcoming movie & novel PANACEA is available now.

The 1st teaser for the upcoming movie & novel PANACEA is available below.

PANACEA is in pre-production with a planned release at the end of 2018. The novel will be released through the London based publishing house “The Book Folks” at the end of 2017.


“After an unexplained malfunction, Renata, an Artificial Intelligence parent is sent to A.I. group-therapy in order to see if she is still fit to be a surrogate mother for the troublesome Kamil. But events take an unexpected turn when Renata discovers the true nature of her problem, and who she really is.”

For more info on the project please see the movie’s website PANACEA

To read more about the publishing house go HERE.

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