Poplin Warsaw

Timeless, classical and charming summer collection from clothes brand Poplin

The commercial was made for the polish clothing brand of skirts and women dresses, Poplin. The brand delivers an exclusive and unique line of clothes, which are both elegant and timeless. This campaign is intended to show the natural countryside beauty and how it harmonizes with the new collection’s handmade fabrics.

Poplin Warsaw – “Countryside Summer” Summer 2022 Collection

Client/Brief/ Idea: Patricia Ryczko
Producer: Storygeist Film and Poplin Warsaw
Director: Patricia Ryczko​
Treatment/Story: Patricia ryczko
DP: Patricia Ryczko
Assistant: Piotr Borczynski
Actors: Joanna Galinska and Marta
Postproduction (Montage, VFX, Grading): Storygeist
Music: Fugue State Hymn – Kyle Preston

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