Vlas Coteck – Psychoza (story)

An adrenaline induced Psychosis. The latest pumping rock track from Vlas Coteck.

Story version (6.10.2022)

The music video was made for the group Vlas Coteck to promote their strongest hit from their new album. An elabrate production with several dys of shooting and two versions of the video are planned. This is the second version and this time around, it’s all about the story.

Psychoza 2022

Idea: Patricia Ryczko
Producer: Storygeist Film and Vlas Coteck
Director: Patricia Ryczko​
Treatment/Story: Patricia Ryczko
DP: Yoti Fabian and Patricia Ryczko
Assistant: Piotr Borczynski, Alekskandra Wadolowska
Actors: Vlas Coteck and Aleksandra
Postproduction (Montage, VFX, Grading): Storygeist
Music: Vlas Coteck – Psychoza

Muse version (5.6.2022)

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