I am REN

drama/sci-fi (movie)

if you liked Black Mirror, you’ll love this one

I am REN (alt. title: Panacea) (2019)


“After an unexplained malfunction, Renata, an Artificial Intelligence parent is sent to A.I. group-therapy in order to see if she is still fit to be a surrogate mother for the troublesome Kamil. But events take an unexpected turn when Renata discovers the true nature of her problem, and who she really is.”


Author’s statement:

I am REN” materialised into being at the crossroads for my passion for how technology transforms both the society and the individual, as well as the deeply personal experience that formed my childhood.

Yet beneath all of this, my intention was to tell a very humane tragedy, a story about how even the strongest bonds in the family can be torn apart when trust is broken, and suspicion prevails.

Even though the film is deeply rooted in the science fiction genre, it’s also a claustrophobic psychological Kammerspiel, where the main character REN – the android,  was used as a metaphor to get at more universal themes of love, betrayal, and inner dysfunction that exists in so many of us.” 

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Drama

Production year: 2018/2019

World Premiere: 35th Warsaw Film Festival  (2019)

IMDB Link:  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11067160/

Producer: Holly Pictures, Storygeist

Running time: 75 mins

To read more about the novel, please see  Panacea  (the novel)

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